International OK Dinghy Sustainability Policy and Action Plan

The International OK Dinghy British Class Association (IOKDBCA) supports the Royal Yachting Association’s initiative The Green Blue because, as dinghy sailors, we are privileged to sail on rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and the open sea. We need to preserve this environment so future generations can enjoy it also.

IOKDBCA is committed to upholding the principles of sustainability and minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our objectives are:

• To promote sustainability and environmental best practice amongst our members, our suppliers and our hosts at events at the sailing and yacht clubs we visit

• To minimise emissions through the promotion of sustainable activities and travel

• To reduce the use of resources and encourage recycling and reusing

• To support the protection of biodiversity in the marine, coastal and freshwater environments in which we sail

Our reasons for adopting a sustainable approach to our environment are:

• To meet the expectations of our members, those with whom we come into contact and the wider community

• To lead by example

• To manage our resources as efficiently as possible through recycling and reusing

• To comply with the environmental legislation which covers the areas in which we sail

Our action plan:

• We will publish this document in a prominent position on the website and send an email link to all members to draw their attention to this policy and action plan

• We will encourage competitors to double / triple trail where possible by adding to our website / Facebook pages the opportunity for potential attendees to show interest in attending forthcoming events.

• We will avoid printing NOR and SIs. We will aim to display one copy on the notice board only and provide the appropriate links on the website / Facebook.

• We will ensure the bulk of our communication is via the website, email and Facebook to reduce the use of paper and the environmental cost of delivery

• The welcome packs will comprise recyclable and reusable products only

• Where feasible at longer duration events, we will look into transporting competitors to and from the venue in minibuses rather than individual cars.