We are indebted to the generosity of our sponsors

Headline sponsors

Ovington Boats Ltd  https://ovingtonboats.com/

Ovington Boats is one of the world’s most successful small boat building businesses specialising in the high-performance dinghy market.

PRO-SET https://wessexresins.co.uk/pro-set/

From automotive parts to wind turbine blades to hi-tech hulls, PROSET epoxy can enhance the strength and durability of practically any composite component.


Day sponsors

Ceilidh Masts http://www.carbonmasts.com/

Ceilidh Composite Technologies manufactures carbon fibre parts for a wide range of applications. With its roots in sailing, the demanding pressures of wind and water have let us show the quality of our products. OK Dinghy masts are manufactured from a combination of medium and high-modulus carbon fibres, the location of each layer of material combines to give the mast its unique bending curve.

HD Sails https://hdsails.com/

Championship winning sails from HD Sails for many classes of dinghy.

Synergy Marine http://synergymarine.co.uk/

Synergy Marine is a World and National Championship winning boat builder and supplier of racing sailing dinghies in multiple classes. As well as a manufacturer of new boats, we also provide a comprehensive repair service and other composite engineering services.


Major activity sponsors

Allen Brothers (Fittings) Ltd https://www.allenbrothers.co.uk/

Product range: Accessories, blocks, cleats and jammers, deck and hull fittings, rudderstocks and accessories, sailmakers’ hardware, shackles, spars and rigging accessories, track and keelband, other fittings

Kingfisher Ropes https://www.yachtropes.co.uk/kingfisher-ropes/cB

Kingfisher Yacht Ropes was established as a brand in 2002 when DSM Group added yacht ropes to its extensive range of rope and rope related products. Kingfisher has developed into one of the most recognised names for ropes throughout the sailing industry.

Marlow Ropes Ltd https://www.marlowropes.com/

Marlow Ropes are a privately owned British manufacturer of specialist synthetic fibre ropes and assemblies. Our factory in Hailsham, East Sussex boasts a wide range of rope making capabilities and technologies. We specialise in the use of exotic synthetic fibres such as Vectran, Zylon, Technora, Nomex and Twaron and are a key partner with DSM Dyneema, designing specialist lines from Dyneema SK99, SK78, SK75, SK38, DM20 and XBO.

North Sails https://www.northsails.com/

The world’s largest & leading sailmaker. Developing sails, water sports products & timeless sailing clothes that Inspire people to experience the sea.

Otter Brewery https://otterbrewery.com/

Established in 1990, Otter Brewery began brewing its beer from a farmhouse location in the heart of Devon’s Blackdown Hills. Since then, the whole family has been involved in developing our award-winning range of beers and our widely recognised Otter brand.

Pinnell and Bax https://www.pinbax.com/

As a world championship winning brand we’re dedicated to providing you with the best kit and expert advice – if you’re looking for technical dinghy clothing, chandlery items, a new set of sails or a brand new boat – everything you need for adventure on the water is right here.

Raymarine https://www.raymarine.com/en-gb

Whether you cruise, fish, sail or make a living on the sea, discover industry leading visual navigation and marine technology to smooth the waves on your journey. Learn why our best-in-class products are renowned for their rugged design and reliability.

Rooster https://www.roostersailing.com/

Rooster are proud providers of quality Watersports equipment that keep our customers safe on the water. Browse our range of hikers, gloves and layers today.


Sponsors supporting the World Championship

Matt Adkins https://www.glassrelief.co.uk/

Established in 2012, Matthew and Estelle have grown their arts and crafts business to sell via galleries, online and at some of the UK’s best art shows. Matthew draws inspiration from the details of textures and colours which are found around us, the natural world and its landscape. He seeks elegance, precision and simplicity within his work.

Art of Racing https://artofracing.co.nz/

Art of Racing Ltd now provides the highest quality boom spars for both the International OK Dinghy and Finn class yachts. AOR booms regularly fill the top placings at many of the major OK Dinghy regattas around the world. Through a process of optimisation, we have been able to produce a section that will achieve minimum weight as well as match, if not surpass the stiffness of other OK and Finn booms sections currently available.

Bareaway https://www.bareaway.co.uk/

BareAway Waterproof Dry Changing robes provide warmth and comfort allowing you to change quickly and easily in any environment.

Boat Building Academy https://boatbuildingacademy.com/

Our world leading courses are focused on professional training but also provide life-changing opportunities for complete beginners, enthusiasts and those on a gap year. Learn boat building and woodworking by the sea in the heart of Lyme Regis. From 2 days to 40 weeks, there is a course for everyone.

C-Monsta https://c-monsta.com/

The C-Monsta is the ultimate wetsuit hanger, manufactured from recycled plastic and designed for all cold water fans.

Elliem Training www.elliem.co.uk

Management system consultants who specialise in developing and improvement management systems for SMEs with a clear focus on making systems simple and effective.  When we aren’t working we are often sailing!

Fernhurst Books https://fernhurstbooks.com/default.aspx

Whether you are a racing sailor, cruiser, motorboater, diver, paddler, surfer, swimmer or fisherman, you will find the definitive book here.

Hidden Spring Vineyard https://www.hiddenspring.co.uk/

We’re situated on a 23 acre small-holding in Horam, East Sussex. The vineyare was originally established in 1986 and experienced many years of successful, high-quality wine production, providing award-winning wines across the country. The site expanded by some 13 acres in 2015, with the addition of a further 24,000 vines.

Idol composites https://www.idolcomposites.com/ok-dinghy/

Idol Composites manufacturers and supplies hulls and complete boats.

JJ Boats https://jjboats.co.uk/

I started building racing dinghies and foils in 1998 and have achieved championship winning success in boats in both wood and epoxy FRP and of course championship winning foils.

Lunar Marine Services
Lunar Marine Services are a flexible, hard working business offering representation in the Marine and Trailer industry. I am a professional and committed individual, making the most of business opportunities by using the tools of honest, tenacious, customer service.

Rain and Sun covers http://www.rainandsun.co.uk/

All our covers are made in the UK from Special UV treated materials. Our covers are easy to fit and take off using clip buckles and straps and shock cord draw strings. Every single component of our covers is the finest quality that can be bought. All materials used are selected for their durability and strength, not cheapness. Every single component – fabric, webbing, buckles, rope and even thread – is chosen for its superior UV resistance.

W.I.P. protection https://www.forward-wip.com/wip/

We are pro sailors, engineers, designers and supply specialists; we are all dedicated to watersports, training and racing whenever possible to constantly test new ideas. Innovation is our DNA, we want to provide the best personal gear out there for flying catamarans, fast dinghies, board-foiling riders protecting them and helping them to reach their next level.